Driving Business Success

McArdle Franco PLLC

Efficient, Creative, & Smart Solutions.

McArdle Franco crafts legal and organizational strategies that drive business success. From complex real estate deals, to high stakes business disputes, we counsel and represent businesses throughout Florida, across the nation and around the globe. We are uniquely positioned to understand legal challenges from a businessperson’s perspective, facilitating our ability to find efficient, creative and smart legal solutions that work for our clients.

A Unique Vantage Point

We have a first-hand understanding of how our clients do business. Our firm was established in 2002 and is comprised of experienced lawyers with diverse business and legal backgrounds. Our lawyers have been involved in successful land developments, managed private equity and debt facilities, and launched successful web-based service providers. Thus, we approach all new matters with long-view business strategies, and bottom-line focus. Our business instinct and knowledge gives us a unique advantage in meeting the needs of our clients.

Unconventional Resolutions

At McArdle Franco we thrive on developing new and innovative ways to resolve our clients’ issues and challenges. While some problems lend themselves to simple solutions, others are more complex, requiring a skillful balancing of competing legal, business and financial concerns. In all cases, we think in consequential terms, striving to understand the possible effects of our clients’ business documents and legal decisions.

Collaborative Practice Approach

We take a team approach in all that we do. Our partners regularly share and discuss ideas, cases and strategies as a group to develop creative methods and strategies that meet the needs of our clients. Where an issue calls for a specialized discipline, we collaborate with our vast and strategic network of top caliber professionals, to provide the best product for the diverse businesses we serve.

Long-Term Business Relationships

Our goal is to forge long-term relationships with our clients, and to serve as their first-stop when legal issues arise. Our success is in large part a product of the repeat business from clients whose trust we have earned and who repeatedly turn to our firm to guide them through legal issues.

Our Practice

Business Structuring


Every business dispute is a unique amalgam of the personalities, documents and issues involved. We approach every case with deference to this fact, to fashion short, medium and long-term strategies that balance the costs and benefits of dispute resolution. Whether the case requires an aggressive posture, or a quick resolution, in every case, our focus is to find an efficient and effective solution to the dispute.

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Transaction Structuring


We work to structure our clients’ businesses for success, safeguarding profits and protecting their companies from potential problems and liabilities. We advise clients on capital structuring to minimize liability and maximize profitability.

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Business Litigation


We not only make certain that our clients’ legal documents are consistent with their expectations and interests, we also evaluate the structure of each transaction to ensure our clients are making the right decisions for their businesses. We test the basic elements of each deal to find and remedy fault lines in the transaction before closing.

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Land Development and Construction

Land Development
and Construction

Our lawyers draw upon real world experience to guide our clients through all matters relating to real estate and development. We advise in detail all the necessary steps to successfully conclude complex projects.

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