A comprehensive appreciation for tax, legal and economic issues affecting businesses is essential to structuring corporate vehicles and preparing governance documents.

Our attorneys bring decades of business and legal experience to help clients establish new legal entities, or multi-level structures to isolate profit centers and quarantine liabilities. Our senior partners are accomplished business owners, having successfully grown several businesses in the construction and real estate fields. As a leading Coral Cables transactional and litigation law firm, we routinely represent clients in the establishment of new business entities and expansion of existing organizations, to help position them for growth, outside investment, long-term stability and favorable market exits.

Making Decisions About the Future With the Benefit of Hindsight

Whether you are getting ready to launch a new business or expanding an existing one, our attorneys can assist your organization choose the best structure. In most cases, this involves addressing issues such as:

  • Liability and litigation risk based upon the client’s industry, market position and other factors
  • Asset preservation through strategic segregation of assets and potential liabilities
  • Potential tax implications of single- and multi-entity legal structures
  • Providing owners and investors with access to commercially-beneficial exit strategies
  • Financing sources and plans for future growth, acquisitions and outside investment

Individualized planning is essential to structuring or restructuring businesses. We strive to learn our clients’ business, to best address their unique set of goals and concerns.

Focusing on the Details to Provide Complete Solutions 

We focus on providing our clients with complete solutions. Too often, business entities are formed without due consideration of the potential consequences of organizational or governance decisions. We prefer a different approach based on identifying, and preemptively dealing with, contingencies, to better position our clients for success.

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