Founded in 2002, McArdle Franco PLLC is a Miami-based law firm that represents business clients in complex transactions, litigation and workouts. The firm’s founding partners bring more than 40 years of collective experience dealing with high-level business, corporate and real estate matters, including public-private joint ventures.

Business Law Attorneys With Business Experience

In addition to their extensive legal experience, our attorneys boast strong business backgrounds, and have participated in significant land-development, finance and construction ventures. That experience informs our approach to analyzing legal issues, and provides a significant advantage at the negotiating table.

A Collaborative Approach

Our attorneys bring the full weight of the firm’s experience to bear in every matter. Rather than operating silos, our attorneys work collaboratively, regularly meeting to discuss client matters, and perennially exploring new and innovative strategies for success. We analyze all business issues by testing assumptions, and thinking consequentially, striving to understand the full implication of our client’s options, and assuring that their decisions are fully informed.

A Commitment to Lending a Hand in Times of Need

We believe that our legal system works best when all segments of society have access to effective legal counsel. In our pro bono practice, we focus on leveling economic disparities to promote just and fair legal results. In that same spirit of community activism, many of our attorneys maintain roles in various charitable and community organizations.

Inquire With McArdle Franco PLLC

If you would like to schedule an appointment at McArdle Franco PLLC, please call (305) 442-2214 or get in touch online. Whether you are transacting business, or facing a legal dispute, we have the experience and resources to navigate you to the right result.