Our firm represents partnerships and corporate clients in a wide range of business, commercial and real estate transactions. With strong business backgrounds and decades of combined legal experience, our attorneys provide insightful, forward-thinking advice and employ proven negotiation strategies to help clients close deals that serve their immediate and long-term needs.

When structuring our clients’ transactions, we take a collaborative approach that draws upon our attorneys’ and the client’s collective experience. Our attorneys have represented clients in numerous multi-million-dollar transactions, and we rely on extensive litigation experience to identify issues that have the potential to lead to costly problems in the future. Our clients know their businesses better than anyone, and we strive to draw upon that knowledge to better craft terms that reflect their unique goals and requirements.

Types of Transactions We Handle

We represent local, regional and foreign businesses in transactions involving real estate interests, mergers, acquisitions and business relationships throughout South Florida. Our attorneys are available to assist with transactions such as:

  • Real estate purchases and sales
  • Construction and development contracts
  • Financing transactions
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Government procurement contracts
  • Joint venture, supplier and vendor agreements
  • Cross-border business transactions
  • Public-private partnerships

At McArdle Franco PLLC, we examine the potential implications of substantive deal terms, and identify profit and risk centers. Structuring complex transactions and forming new business entities often go hand-in-hand. We work to better position our clients’ to absorb potential liabilities with minimal impact to their bottom lines.

Managing Risk Through Litigation Avoidance

Uncertainty is often be a precursor to litigation. To help our clients avoid costly court battles, we seek to eliminate uncertainty through the negotiation process. By utilizing consequential thinking – focusing on possible future outcomes to arrive at present-day solutions – we are able to significantly reduce our clients’ litigation exposure while helping to keep deals on track. In many cases, we are able to help both parties understand the unintended consequences of suggested contract language and negotiate mutually-beneficial alternatives.

When two parties approach the same transaction with different goals and with different perspectives, fault lines are inevitable. In structuring transactions, we address these issues proactively, so as to protect the deal and avoid future disputes.

Schedule an Initial Consultation at McArdle Franco PLLC

If you would like more information about our transactional practice, we encourage you to get in touch. With offices in Coral Gables, we represent clients in transactions throughout Florida and nationwide. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, please call (305) 442-2214 or inquire online today.