Recognizing that our role is to provide clients with confidence in a world of uncertainty, we leverage the collective experience of our attorneys to resolve complex problems. We involve our clients, and their business teams, at every step of our representation, drawing upon the clients’ understanding of their business to develop a more complete legal analysis.

What Defines Our Collaborative Approach?

1. Collaboration Among Our Attorneys

Collaboration among our attorneys is the hallmark of our approach to legal representation, and we believe it distinguishes McArdle Franco PLLC from other business law firms. We strive to use the full breadth of our intellectual resources and business experience. This allows us to analyze issues from a variety of different perspectives, “sound board” ideas and strategies, and test assumptions. Ultimately, our approach leads to better honed, and more effective work product.

2. Collaboration With Our Clients

We tailor our representation to each client’s unique goals and circumstances. We believe this allows us to think beyond the immediate business implications of a legal issue, and to understand how a given decision could impact our clients for months, or even years into the future. This approach allows us to truly emphasize strategy in our legal representation, and to anticipate issues before they lead to costly disputes.

3. Collaboration Within the Business Community

Finally, our collaborative approach involves maintaining an active role in the South Florida business community. Our connection to influential business leaders, and a variety of consultants, allows us to better position our clients for success.

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